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Check Your Physical Health 

Download the extensive workbook into how the carnivore diet may save your health.

Financial Health Checklist


Do you know who your superannuation is currently with?
Do you know how many superannuation accounts you currently have?
Where is your superannuation invested?

How is it working for you ?

What happens to your superannuation if you die?
How are you taking advantage of recent legislation changes? What is your strategy?

Tell me how much you understand about personal insurance?
Who will pay your mortgage if you are unable to work?
Who will look after your family financially in the event of major illness or death?
Did you know that we can finance your insurance without affecting your daily living costs?
Tell me about the cover you have with your current superannuation provider?



Tell me about your current investment Strategy?
Do you know how your superannuation money is being invested?
What you consider borrowing money to invest?

If yes is Property your preference to Shares?
Would you prefer an investment that helped you reduce your current tax liability?
Tell me about your Experience with investment in the past?


What level of income would you prefer at retirement?
Do you currently have any strategies to build you the income you need in retirement?
Do you want to know how much money you’ll need for your retirement expenses and living
Do you know what your options are when you retire?
Do you want to find out about your Age Pension and other entitlements?


How many types of Debt do you currently Have? Car, Credit Card, Mortgage, Personal
Do you know the difference between good and bad debt?
Would you like to know ways to consolidate or reduce your debt?
Do you have a current budget? If Yes when was the last time you reviewed it?
Would you like to increase your cash flow to pay off your debts faster?

If you checked any of these boxes you will benefit from receiving financial advise 
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