Insurance Planning


Personal insurance planning is the foundation of any financial plan and should be the first priority when considering building your personal wealth.

Insurance policies will help protect you and your loved ones in different ways against the cost of accidents, illness, disability and death. How would your life be if you or your partner died or become seriously ill.  As well as emotional and lifestyle changes, how would you service finically.

Your insurance needs will depend on many factors including the number of dependents, level of debts and business needs. There are many insurance products, policies and features so it’s important to receive the right advice for both personal and business risks.

Insurance can be purchase through your superannuation account or in your personal or business names.

At Bamboo Wealth we provide you the expertise to choose the most appropriate strategy, product and level of cover in  line with your particular situation.

Insurance Planning - Some key points to consider

We all face risks in our lives that can affect our ability to protect  assets to accumulate wealth over the longer term or generate income to support our families. We cannot only focus on wealth accumulation without also protecting it at the same time by protection our assets, business and precious loved one.

Person insurance is an integral part of the financial planning process and should not be ignored or taken lightly.

Questions such as how will we continue to pay for our living expenses if one of us lost their ability to generate an income?  How will be look after our children if one of us died. These are just some questions that should be looked after by our financial planner.

You face many risks in your daily lives. Personal insurance focuses on the provision of risk cover for the various elements of a person’s life including:

  • sickness,
  • injury,
  • total disablement, and/or
  • death,
  • Insufficient funds for retirement income

Insurance is designed to provide financial assistance if the insured’s health prevents them from earning income or continuing to live the lifestyle they desire. The main purpose of insure cover are:

  • Protecting income and cash flow to maintain lifestyle,
  • Repay debts to reduce financial burdens – both immediately and in the long term,
  • Provide capital adequacy and financial support for a spouse and/or children
  • Cover cost of burial services
  • Assist in rehabilitation to return to work
  • How would my family maintain their lifestyle if something happened to me?
  • How would I continue to pay off the mortgage/rent?
  • How would I meet my credit card and loan repayments?
  • How would I continue to pay for mobile, car, electricity and gas bills? or
  • What would I do and what would the impact be on the quality of my child’s or children’s future education?

It is very important that insurance cover is held for the long term to guard against unfortunate events that will reduce the quality of your live and impose unnecessary financial burdens. We can assist you in the following ways.

  • Review your current policy to ensure it meets your needs
  • Calculate the right level of cover protecting all risks
  • Consider an holistic approach to include life, TPD, Income Protection, Trauma and general insurance covers
  • We provide you access to a wide range of insurance providers
  • Assist in deciding where your insurance policies should be held.
  • Compare insurers for a competitive pricing on premiums