Financial Planning & NDIS

Planning options: Disability Care (NDIS) Financial Planning & Plan Management

Financial Planning Needs

Having children is a blessing yet a challenge to bring them up in a safe and financially secure environment. There are many stages in our children’s lives that brings many joy and

challenges. Ensuring our children are looked up today and protected in the future from physical or financial abuse is our primary focus as parents.

When we see any client, it is important to ask many questions about their particular situation. This may include their immediate familieis who  may have a parent of child with a disability we need to consider thier unique situation. At Bamboo Wealth apply all knowledge relevant to the construction of a  Statement of Advice ( Financial Plan) and undertstand special regulations applying to people with disabilities of all ages, including the very young. We see many opportunities to improve the financial outcome of our clients who have a family members with a disability. Bamboo Wealth Can assist families who have children with disabilities in many ways.

Some important regulatory issues relating to disability include:

1- Superannuation Access

2- Special Disability Trusts

3- Retirement Income Streams

4- Taxation minimisation

5- Insurance Proceeds

6- Centrelink Access & Benefits

7- National Disability Insurance Scheme ( NDIS)

8- Age Care Planning and Packages

9- Estate & Succession Planning

10- NDIS Plan Management

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