Estate Planning


It’s become apparent that many Australians overlook estate planning as part of their finances. Estate planning plays a vital role in anticipating and creating a contingency plan for when we pass away. Leaving assets behind can cause unwanted hassles for your loved ones. Having the ability to plan for the future negates future issues such as methods of disposing assets and the tax implications involved. Estate planning can be quite costly and complicated dependent on each person’s goals.

If you have superannuation account or a SMSF estate planning is a vital part of succession planning and must be considered part of a comprehensive plan. Discussing legal documents like a simple “Will”, Family Trusts, SMSF, Business succession planning, POA and Guardianship are critical to a smooth transfer of our wealth to your intended beneficiaries.

At Bamboo Wealth, we can assist to tailor a plan to suit everyone.

Estate Planning - Some key points to consider

Estate planning gives you peace of mind that your affairs will be handled exactly as you would like if you become incapacitated or when you die.

  • Protect and provide for loved ones with special needs, including young children.
  • Ensure your children’s inheritance has greater protection from creditors or any future relationship breakdown
  • Understanding the consequences of dying without a Will.
  • Creating a checklist for who will be your beneficiaries
  • Understanding the difference between Estate and Non-Estate Assets
  • Ways to legitimately minimising the impact on the transfer of assets
  • Deciding the most appropriate types of power attorney you need
  • Being aware the impact of divorce and separation on you assets
  • Avoiding unwanted challenges to your Will.
  • Ensuring your superannuation death benefits is received tax effectively
  • Joint ownership assets versus tenants in common ownership